Grocery Store Ads Feb 19-25

FRYS – Powerade is back on sale for 49¢ each when you buy 8, Lean Cuisine or Stauffers entrees are 1.77 each, General Mills large sized cereal select varieties are 1.79 each, Organic tortilla chips are 99¢ each. Chobani 4 pack 2.49 each X 5, On the 10/$10 sale Knorr pasta or rice sides, Hamburger helper, Betty Crocker brownie or cookie mix.

Friday and Saturday DIGITAL DEAL ONLY Pampers wipes or Kroger Facial Wipes are 99¢ each, X5 Ground beef 93% lean 2.88 a lb sold in 2 lb pkg

And any of you into cheese or gourmet foods. Vermont Creamery Wild blueberry lemon and thyme goat cheese is 3.99 each.

BASHAS – Ground beef 2.77 a lb value pack, cucumbers or green bell peppers are 2/$1, 5lb bag of Idaho potatoes are 99¢ each, Crystal Geyser 24 pack of water is BOGO, Food Club mac and Cheese are 2/$1, The bakery dept has a variety of breads on sale for 99¢ each, the Personal Digital Offer this week is Best Foods mayo for 2.99 first 2,

3 DAY SALE friday-sun – Avocados large, 77¢ each first 6, Nabisco crackers select varieties are 1.99 each

SAFEWAY/ALBERTSONS – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY Lucerne Cheese 32 oz (shredded also) 2.99 each first 2 limit 1.

CLIP OR CLICK 18 pack of eggs 1.99 limit 4. Lucerne 1/2 gallon milk and bread 97¢ each limit 4, Kraft mayo or Heinz ketcup are 2.99 each. Hebrew national hot dogs 3.99 a pack.

Ground beef 2.77 a lb value pack, Large avocados 2/$1, Thomas bagel or swirl bread BOGO

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